A higher-quality product in Vega International

How have we helped Vega International in achieving a higher-quality and a more cost-effective product?

1. What was the nature of the problem?

Strong lights and lenses in the projectors were the cause of extensive use of sheet metal and steel materials in the past.

This resulted in an expensive and time-consuming production process, and in projectors that were too heavy to enable easy portability.

2. What solution did we offer?

We have provided them with a comprehensive solution which included the selection of materials, as well as the manufacture of tools.

Instead of sheet metal and steel elements, we provided them with plastic products in compliance with all the requirements.

3. What has Vega International profited by our solution?

By using plastic elements instead of metal or aluminium ones, Vega International has:

  1. reduced production costs,
  2. reduced projector weight, enabling easier portability,
  3. gained a development partner with experience and knowledge to advise them on solving difficult problems.
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