Why Plamtex?

5 x why choose Plamtex as your partner

Here are 5 reasons why more and more successful domestic and foreign companies choose us as their partner:

1. A development partner offering support to its customers at all times

We are a reliable family business that is attentive to its clients’ needs, respects the arranged deadlines, and is with you in the long run. Cooperation with us will provide you with a partner you can count on at all times.

2. Flexibility

Modern work organization enables a quicker and more cost-effective production, and greater flexibility, which allows us the manufacture of a tool prototype or of a large series of products in a very short time. Our clients thus benefit in getting a quick and cost-effective solution.

3. Solutions on a “turnkey” basis

We provide a comprehensive service, from tool to final product manufacture, all under one roof, as well as offer the possibility of the manufacture of assembly products. Our customers can thus get all the necessary services with one partner, avoiding unnecessary complications.

4. A high level of quality

Excellent machinery by top European manufacturers further upgraded by other systems enables the manufacture of products of the highest quality level. The central drying system supplying hot and dry air ensures a cleaner manufacture and, consequently, high-quality products, while automatic introduction of materials into the machines prevents them from being contaminated on the way.

5. Covering special fields

We cooperate with our clients in product development, from the initial idea to tool manufacture and the production of a plastic element, thus helping solve complex problems in:

We cover four areas of tool making: 

  • Advanced thermoplastic injection mould manufacture, where 20 years of experience in thermoplastic injection moulding ensure our excellent understanding of its special features.
  • Ski mould manufacture requiring 5-axis simultaneous milling.
  • Technical ceramic tool manufacture, where we have gained extensive knowledge on the product manufacture technology and technical ceramic production technology.
  • Advanced engraving tool manufacture, with individual component part tolerance up to +-0.003 mm.

Which machinery does Plamtex use in tool making?