Environmentally uncontroversial product in Gorenje

How have we helped Gorenje save money while providing them with an environmentally uncontroversial product?

1. What was the nature of the problem?

For the manufacturing of adjustable feet ensuring the stability of the washing machine, Gorenje used outdated technology and materials damaging to the environment and whose production was extremely complex and time-consuming, all of which resulted in high production costs.

2. What solution did we offer?

We approached the matter with plenty of good will and found two possible solutions:

The first solution was a product similar to the previous one in that it could also ensure excellent stability, while being environmentally uncontroversial due to our emission-free technology.

Subsequently, we developed a completely recyclable product made of plastic, which makes it more cost-effective. This product also met all the stability standards.

3. What has Gorenje profited by our solution?

  1. Our technology has provided Gorenje with an environmentally uncontroversial product.
  2. We have ensured them a quicker and simpler production process.
  3. We have provided them with solutions ensuring a more cost-effective manufacture while meeting all the required standards.
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