Increased customer satisfaction in Gorenje

How have we helped Gorenje in solving a complex problem, which has increased customer satisfaction?

1. What was the nature of the problem?

The air filters of their dryers had to be cleaned after every use, taking up the user’s valuable time.

2. What solution did we offer?

Examining the issue, we discovered that the core of the problem lay in the fact that the filter net was not tightly stretched. Our long experience and a high level of knowledge enabled us to provide adequate materials for ensuring a tightly stretched net, and thus solving the problem.

3. What are the consequences of our solution?

  1. We have raised the quality of dryers made by Gorenje.
  2. We have helped Gorenje provide their customers with functional dryers which are easy to use.
  3. The satisfaction of their customers has increased considerably, since they can now use dryers operating without unnecessary complications.
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