Automobile industry

A reliable partner with long experience in the automobile industry

  • Are you looking for a supplier with established systems guaranteeing a high level of quality and reliability?
  • Do you need a partner whose long experience and a high level of knowledge will enable them to advise you on the development of your product?
  • Would you like to work with a partner who will be able to offer you a comprehensive solution (including maintenance)?

How can Plamtex help companies in the automobile industry?

Long experience

We have been in the thermoplastic injection molding business since 1979. Years of experience have given us in-depth knowledge of the functioning and problems of the automobile industry. Cooperation with us will thus provide you with a highly experienced partner.

Proper development

At Plamtex, we have our own development and tool making facilities, which enable us to take on full responsibility for the manufacture of the product and enable our client to cooperate with one partner only.

Comprehensive solution

In order to simplify their operation, Plamtex provides its clients with comprehensive solutions, offering advice on the manufacture, manufacturing the desired product, and providing overall support (maintenance and service).

Products and services provided by Plamtex to its clients

For the automobile industry, Plamtex offers: plastic products and metal parts for the automobile exterior

We offer different types of sensors for windscreens providing the car with information for the wipers, air-conditioning, headlamp and instrument panel dimming command. The sensors are used as part of car electronics in automobiles manufactured by established brands, such as BMW and Mercedes.

We also manufacture various elements for the car door interior, small plastic parts for the engine compartment (cable glands, caps, etc.), door handle coverings, various blends for the luggage hold, etc.

Why choose Plamtex?

  • We are equipped with high-performance electricity-powered machinery.
  • High-performance hydraulic machinery with 3.5 s minimal cycles.
  • Robots, separators, controlling equipment for 100 % reliable and stable manufacture.
  • Our own tool making facilities for tool manufacture and maintenance.
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