Household appliance industry

Development Partner in Household Appliance Industry

  • Do you want a partner who will be able to provide you with an attractive, high-quality product which will also meet your dimensional requirements?
  • Do you need a partner whose long experience and a high level of knowledge will enable them to advise you on the development of your product?
  • Do you find it important to cooperate with a reliable partner who will come to your assistance when you need it?

How can Plamtex help you?

  1. We familiarize ourselves thoroughly with every product, study it while taking your requirements into consideration, and adapt it to the designated use. With the products visible on the exterior, we also pay special attention to the aesthetic appearance.In this way, we provide our customer with a product:
    • in compliance with the dimensional requirements,
    • of high level of quality,
    • adapted to the designated use.

    In other words, we help you offer your customers an attractive, high-quality, and useful product that will satisfy its users.

  2. Years of experience and a high level of knowledge in solving complex problems allow us to properly advise you on the development of your product, as well as on the solving of eventual difficulties.Cooperation with our company will thus give you a development partner with long experience in solving complex problems.
  3. Good organization skills and qualified personnel enable us to respond quickly to our customer’s needs and expectations.In this way, we can offer a quick and efficient solution to the problem in question, freeing you of unnecessary concerns.

Further reasons for cooperating with us..

What kinds of products and solutions do we offer?

We offer a variety of household appliance technical products (buttons, diode caps, filters, etc.) for: washing machines, refrigerators, dryers, cooking appliances, etc. … We try to adapt all products to the designated use and dimensional requirements. You can find our solutions in established and acknowledged trademarks, such as Gorenje, Bosch, and Siemens.

See a few concrete examples of our help in solving our customers’ difficult problems.

How have we helped Gorenje in solving a complex problem, which has increased customer satisfaction?

How have we helped Gorenje save money while providing them with an environmentally uncontroversial product?

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