Measuring instrument industry

High-quality advanced product manufacture

Plamtex is known in the measuring instrument industry as a supplier of products which are difficult to manufacture and require an extremely high level of quality. We mostly manufacture products with a great influence on functionality.

Just in time

Plamtex guarantees its customers the delivery of desired products at the agreed time to the agreed place, thus enabling them to save time and money they would otherwise have to spend on storage and stock, as well as contributing to greater competitiveness of clients’ companies.

Which companies have we already helped by meeting their demands?

Iskra Emeco

As their first external supplier, we have cooperated with Iskra Emeco in the manufacture of component parts for mechanical meters. The manufacture includes only the products which require a high level of quality and are difficult to produce, e.g. gears, magnetic bearings, etc.

With a view to meeting our customer’s demands, we follow the prescribed standards for quality assurance. Product control is carried out in our company, thus providing our customer with a fully tested product upon delivery.



We also cooperate with the Serbian company Mačkatica, which specializes in electronic meter manufacture, by manufacturing all the plastic products they require for their business activity (casings, transparent caps, buttons).

The products manufactured for Mačkatica are characterized by meeting the demand for a high level of quality, as well as satisfying aesthetic requirements. In this way, we help Mačkatica offer high-quality and attractive products to their clients.

We have helped Mačkatica solve the problem of reproducibility.

Our extensive experience and a high level of knowledge helped our client ensure a high degree of reproducibility of their product – a magnetic bearing (injection into a plastic sack) with the capability of keeping a distance between various magnets while spinning.

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