Optical industry

How to develop a better-looking, higher-quality, and a more cost-effective product?

  • Do you find the aesthetic appearance of your products important?
  • Would you like to offer your customers high-quality products at reasonable prices?
  • Do you need a partner who will be able to advise you on the development of your products?

Plastic – increasing product quality and reducing costs

Years of experience have made our company an expert on plastic products.

After a detailed analysis of your product, we can thus suggest plastic as an alternative to the existing materials. Since it is much lighter and less expensive than other materials, we can provide you with a higher-quality and a more cost-effective product.

What types of companies can Plamtex help?

We work for a company manufacturing overhead projectors, slide projectors, and products for projection support (projector stands and suitcases).

We manufacture external parts for overhead projectors, where the aesthetic appearance is especially important, as well as projection lens and mirror carriers, where the dimensional aspect the most important.

How have we helped Vega International in achieving a higher-quality and a more cost-effective product?

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