Sports industry

A partner with a good understanding of the special features of the ski industry!

Plamtex has years of experience in solving complex problems within the ski industry.

Development partner

We work as a development partner to our clients, offering advice to companies on the selection of the most adequate materials in view of the desired product appearance and designated use. With a view to developing an optimal product, we cooperate closely with technologists and developers during the production process. This ensures our clients a partner qualified to advise them based on extensive knowledge and experience, saving them time, money, and relieving them of unnecessary concerns.

What kinds of products and services do we offer?

In most cases, we act as a supplier of plastic elements for the ski interior functioning primarily as joining elements for the attachment of skis, ensuring adequate gliding properties and flexibility. For the ski exterior, we manufacture plastic elements for the top surface of the ski, advising our clients on the selection of adequate materials which prevent the final product from appearing of inferior quality.

Through innovative approaches to a simpler and quicker production process

For the ski exterior, we also manufacture different binding plates with a mostly aesthetic function. Most ski manufacturers produce skis with integrated binding systems. What we manufacture, are the plates with connections for the binding integration into the skis. We use special materials with thermal endurance up to –20°C, as well as special paints. The plastic elements we manufacture are already assembled and attached to the ski during the production process, reducing the duration of the final product manufacturing process, and simplifying it at the same time.

Production of special elements

In the desire to fulfill our customers’ requirements, our company also manufactures side panels of special forms and dimensions, which cannot be made through standard processes. Their production, therefore, requires great flexibility. We help our clients develop and manufacture advanced products with an extremely high aesthetic value.

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