Ski molds

A partner with experience in solving problems within the ski industry

  • Are you looking for a partner with a good understanding of the special features of the ski industry?
  • Do you find it important for your partner to be able to adapt to the requirements of the ski industry (very short product development time, seasonal work)?
  • Would you like to cooperate with a partner who will be able to advise you on the development of a mould with the intention of reaching the best possible solution?

How can Plamtex help the ski industry solve problems?

A good understanding of the special features of the ski industry

We have years of experience in cooperating with the ski industry and are well acquainted with its special features. By choosing to cooperate with us, you will get a partner who will know how to find and provide you with the best possible solution to your problem.

Company presentation that will give you a better insight into our long tradition


A variety of tools and a high level of knowledge enable us to adapt easily to our customers’ requirements.

The following equipment makes it possible for us to manufacture moulds in compliance with our customers’ requirements:

  • aluminium curving technology for the preparation of blanks,
  • 5-axis simultaneous HSC milling centre with work piece capability of 2000 x 900 x 800 mm in one clamping,
  • our own measuring machine for the measuring of each manufactured mould.

Development partnership

  1. In cooperation with our partner, we work towards an optimal solution for a particular mould, and suggest eventual technical changes which might simplify the ski production process or reduce the cost of the mould.
  2. On the basis of 3D documentation, we proceed with the production of the mould.
  3. We measure EVERY mould and compare it to a CAD model with the most up-to-date measuring machine.

See a few concrete examples of our help in solving our customers’ difficult problems.


The following approaches allow us to provide top quality products:

  • Every manufactured mould is tested 100 % on a measuring machine.
  • Our on-line internet platform system enables us to track individual tool components through all production phases. This allows for complete traceability of tool manufacture.

This approach to quality assurance and product traceability leaves no room for coincidence – we only provide our customers with products of superior quality.

Further evidence of high product quality

Sketch to product – Elan Speedwave skis


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