Technical ceramic pressing molds

 Development partner in the manufacturing of technical ceramic pressing moulds

Years of experience and a high level of knowledge give Plamtex a good understanding of the special features of the manufacture of technical ceramic pressing tools.

This enables us to solve our clients’ difficult problems in the field of technical ceramic pressing, where the following features have to be considered:

  • A varied and complex structure, the elaboration of which requires high-precision wire and sink erosion with wire capacity up to Ra = 0.2 mm.
  • Quality material preparation and an understanding of the special features of alloy steel processing, such as ASP, Micro Clean 590, silicon carbide alloy processing, etc.

What are the main advantages of cooperation with Plamtex?


Plamtex has years of experience and excellent knowledge of the special features of technical ceramic pressing tools. Cooperation with us will provide you with a reliable partner able to offer you the best possible solutions to your problems.

Company presentation that will give you a better insight into our long tradition.


Our standing supply of Böhler K110 and Böhler K340ISODUR erosion blocks of different heights and levels of hardness (from 54 to 52 HRc) enables us to react quickly to our clients’ problems, saving us a lot of time and unnecessary complications.


The following approaches allow us to provide top quality products:

  • Every tool component part is subject to strict in-process control.
  • All wire erosion manufactured parts are tested 100% on a measuring machine.
  • Our on-line internet platform system enables us to track individual tool components through all production phases. This allows for complete traceability of tool manufacture.
  • Excellent grinding machine equipment: 2 Jung profile grinding machines with diaform, 2 Hauser coordinate grinding machines with a rotary table, and one CNC Jung profile grinding machine with CD-profiling possibility – simultaneous grinding, profiling, and creep feed grinding.

This approach to quality assurance and product traceability leaves no room for coincidence – we only provide our customers with products of superior quality.

Further evidence of high product quality

Saving money

Extensive knowledge and experience allow Plamtex to help clients in developing their products cost-effectively, while taking into consideration the required quality standards and the designated use.

Our work is based on the principle:”High quality at a reasonable price.” Cooperation with us will provide you with a development partner able to help you reduce your production costs.

See a few concrete examples of our help in solving our customers’ difficult problems.


Over 1,500 Erowa ITS electrode clamping palettes enable us to keep the electrodes in the palettes at all times, which allows quick response in cases of necessary repairs or reconstructions of work pieces due to wear and tear.

Why more and more successful companies choose us as their partner

Example of a tool and a final product


The process of cooperation with Plamtex

  1. Help in product development – we offer advice on reducing tool production costs.
  2. Creating a 3D construction of the tool.
  3. Client’s verification and agreement on the construction.
  4. Tool manufacture.
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