Thermoplastic injection tools

Plamtex – 25 years of experience in thermoplastic injection moulding

Would you like to use tools that will help you permanently reduce your production costs?

Do you find it important to cooperate with a quick and flexible partner?

Would you like your plastic product and tool supplier to have a good understanding of the special features of your industry?

Meet Plamtex, a company with a 25-year tradition as a development supplier

Plamtex is an established supplier of plastic products and tools in advanced industries (ski industry, optical industry, automobile industry).

How does Plamtex approach customer problems?

1. Familiarizing ourselves with the problem

First, we carefully look into the problem in question, familiarizing ourselves with it as much as possible, by cooperating directly with the manufacturer.

2. Problem analysis

In order to be able to provide our client with the best possible solution, we analyze the problem thoroughly by using our extensive knowledge and experience.

3. Presenting the solution

We work towards the most satisfactory solution to the problem in question and present it to our client, who then has the opportunity to comment.

4. Manufacture

If the client is satisfied with the proposed solution, we continue with the production process, where we guarantee speed and a high level of quality.

Our motto in helping our clients is: “idea to product”.

What are the main advantages of cooperation with Plamtex?

Computerized tool making

Our own application enables us to track individual tool components through all production phases. This allows for complete traceability of tool manufacture, and, consequently, minimizes the possibility of unforeseen complications.


Our modern technological equipment with our own tool making and injection moulding machinery ensure high responsiveness, allowing us to provide our clients with quick solutions.

A high level of quality

An extensive selection of tools and our tool making capacities assure a quick, quality manufacture of thermoplastic processing tools, as well as existing tool maintenance.

We monitor, record, and process all key parameters influencing the quality of our products with a single goal – no mistakes.

The certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000 attests to the high level of product quality.

The 25-year tradition of this family business is an assurance that cooperation with us will provide you with an experienced partner, for whom customer satisfaction comes first.

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